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Printed Date: 21-Jan-2019 at 00:52

Posted By: Edy
Date Posted: 15-Jun-2005 at 19:31

We have detected a virus-worm that is being spreading itself over Internet by means of emails that claim to be sent by The Deejaysystem Support Team.

There are several versions of the email apparently coming from different addresses at Deejaysystem (admin, support, dj). The email contains an attached zip file of about 50 Kb and the email body contains messages like "your account is to be suspended", "see the attached file for details", etc. with different arguments urging to open the attached file. An ending note simulates that the message has passed through a certain "Deejaysystem antivirus".

Of course, those emails do NOT come from our servers nor we have nothing to do with them. Some virus are able to collect web and email addresses by themselves and then simulate false identities in order to convince the user to open the attached file, which allows the virus to propagate over the network.

Recommendations, indications:

  • If you receive a message from with an attached file, then it's a virus with complete certainty. It's not dangerous unless you open the attached file. Simply ignore the message (whatever it says) and delete it.
  • We NEVER send attached files within our emails. If we wanted to send you something, we would do it by sending a link to a deejaysystem download server.
  • Always keep your antivirus up to date. Latest antivirus updates already detect and block this virus.

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