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Picture Videos-Slideshows--URGENT!!

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Topic: Picture Videos-Slideshows--URGENT!!
Posted By: Videoman
Subject: Picture Videos-Slideshows--URGENT!!
Date Posted: 22-Oct-2006 at 19:50
I have a gig in a week where I have to use 350 scanned pictures and make a slideshow for a reunion. I tried first in powerpoint but it continually crashes. The images are all high res. I have tried adobe premier, it may do it, but it would take FOREVER. Womble mpeg video editor will make dvd files that I can convert with ImToo Ripper 4, but when they play I see no video output, although ImToo shows it in the preview. If I go straight to TS files from Womble they give a load error and unrecognized format. Any idea on a program to do this with??? Please help!!

Posted By: Edy
Date Posted: 23-Oct-2006 at 15:25
I'd try with another simple video editing software. I can't tell you an exact name now, but I'm trying these two: - Video Edit Magic - Honestech Video Editor

Both allow static images as input streams, and can produce a video stream output.

Hope this helps...

Edy / Deejaysystem Team -

Posted By: cupcake60702
Date Posted: 23-Oct-2006 at 22:12
Google for irfan - I like it.

Posted By: Dj_Shawn
Date Posted: 05-Dec-2006 at 00:59

I make all my slide show vids from pictures imported to Vegas Video and simply drop them in the timeline, set the time lengths and transision effects, then render it to a video file, Done!

Once you learn and master Vegas Video - 4  you will be hooked on how many things you can do with it! *To me it ranks right up there with Apples, Final Cut Studio. But I am not a Mac fan!.. PC's still kick Apple's behind for ease of use


[Dj_Shawn Rocks The House!]

Posted By: Dj_Shawn
Date Posted: 19-Sep-2007 at 02:08
Ok, I just had to do exactly that! I have a 20 year Class reunion this weekend and had to manually scan over 300 pictures and put them into a slide show that VJ-2 will play as a video background.
After scanning them all I simply selected them all and dragged them into Vegas Video 6 (an older version) and rendered them at 800x600 MPEG1 Video and it only took about 5 minutes to render since there is no audio and each slide / picture shows for 10-15 seconds before going to the next one :)
*Works GREAT! Wink
DJ Shawn -

[Dj_Shawn Rocks The House!]

Posted By: retrocowboy
Date Posted: 14-Apr-2014 at 22:58
**works on any pc laptop**
Wink A real easy way to do a slide show when you have your pc laptop connected to a projector etc is to let windows media player do it for you.  It is so simple.  Just have your client put their pictures onto a flash drive.  I usually tell them to keep it down to 50 or less, or it will get really boring. I tell them to go to Walgreens if they want to convert old paper pictures to digital ones.  I always leave that part up to them.   Then simply exit out of djs and all other programs.  Right click on the screen and go down to personalize, then click connect to a projector and click duplicate my screen onto the projector.  I then go to the flash drive and click on the first picture and allow it to open.  At that point windows will automatically give me the option at the top to click on slide show and it will begin playing the pictures as a slide show.  I then will play what ever music I want along to the pictures using another laptop or ipod.  When in practice of this, it takes about 60 seconds to switch your laptop over to begin the slide show.  I have a remote contol for my projector and I always mute video & audio while making the switch over.  Since I always use two laptops I always have music playing and no one notices anyway.  One thing you need to do is look over all your pictures and make sure you turn them all right side up previously before the event.  Some pictures if taken with the camera on its side will look sideways on the slideshow unless you go through and fix them previously.  I use vista but any laptop o.s. will allow you to duplicate your screen onto the projector etc. 
I hope this helps!!!  I also want to say that I love djs and I have been using it now every week for 5 years.  I experimented with many programs, but none of them are as easy to use or as stable as djs. Thanks, Edy you rock!! DJ-B-rad Oklahoma

Posted By: retrocowboy
Date Posted: 12-Apr-2019 at 05:16
Now a days I have my client put their digital pics onto a flashdrive for me. Then I just plug them into Movavi Slideshow maker and create a simple slide show myself. I then just export it as a video file. I usually use .avi. I then access it under "background" in djs. Of course if you access it under background there will be no audio so you just have to manually play audio while showing it. Its a nice thing to occasionally just have playing in the background anyway especially for a birthday party or a wedding.

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