Hardware controllers for Deejaysystem(tm) MK2 / VJ2
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Section III - Supported hardware controllers

Any controller that supports the standard MIDI can be used with Deejaysystem. You only need to write an XML configuration file. Learn more

If you wish your MIDI controller to be officially supported in Deejaysystem, contact us.

The maps of all the controllers are configurable. Learn more

Close Deejaysystem before connecting, disconnecting, turning on or off controllers. The program can get stuck if it stays open.

More controllers supported in version 3.5.0:

  • Denon MC-2000
  • Hercules MP3 e2
  • Pioneer CDJ-400
  • Reloop Digital Jockey IE2
  • M-Audio X-Session Pro
  • Vestax VCI-100
Keyboard / Joystick / Gamepad
Generic MIDI
Denon DN-HC4500
Behringer BCD-2000
Hercules DJ Console Remix
Hercules DJ Control Steel

Deejaysystem's choice

Deejaysystem's choice
Numark Onmi Control
Behringer BCD-3000
Hercules DJ Console Mk2
Hercules DJ Control MP3
KontrolDJ KDJ500
Visiosonic DAC-3
Visiosonic DAC-2
Numark DMC-1

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