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Deejaysystem ®
Created and developed by Angel García "Edy"

These good friends have contributed with the project at some point with their valuable help:

Additional programming and pizzas

Sergio Rodríguez García "GUSi"
Beers and support

Pedro Fernández Ureña

Original Deejaysystem logo and layout Carlos Cabo González
Some graphics and beers Javier Capa Bazán
Great support and live testing
(40 Principales Asturias)
Carlos García
Kike Reigada
Marino Rionda

Many people has also given their support to Deejaysystem in some way. I wish to thank these customers for their great feedback:

(in no particular order) Sascha Senkpiehl
Željko Pipic
Jose "Cracky"
Toño Puente "SpynDJ"
Martin Cullinan
Jose "RhOsS"
Besim Mikullovci

These people has contributed ever by translating Deejaysystem or its documents into their own language:

Arjani, Mario Georgiev and Pat Bush, Guillem Fernández, Dj Snow, Tomislav Capan, Dave Allen, Jürgen Athen, Dj Maze, Mark Chong, Dj Ander, DJ Patrick, Gael Monier, Eua, joe2night, Stefano Trillini, Roberto Cameran, PrAnza, WhACKO, JEzu RJ, Anis Jendoubi, Edvaldo Biancarelli, Nuno Mendonça, Ernesto de la Rosa, Dj Dare, Dj Flashbang, Javier Castro, Diego Marchente.

Want a free Deejaysystem Video VJ2? Install the program, go to the "Languages" folder, and check out if your language is outdated (or isn't already available). Send us your updated language file and receive a free deejaysystem key.
(NOT applicable to English and Spanish nor their variations)

Deejaysystem® products © Angel García Voces 1998-2013
Deejaysystem® web design © Angel García Voces 2000-2013
Deejaysystem® logo and graphics © Carlos Cabo González 1998
Deejaysystem® name and logo are registered trade marks (R) of Angel García Voces
Deejaysystem® Video VJ2 is based on VIDJ™ technology
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The Deejaysystem® project is developed at Oviedo (Asturias, Spain)