Deejaysystem(tm) Video VJ2 - Readme
v3.5 / March 19th 2013
(c) 1998-2013 Angel García "Edy"

  1. What's new
  2. Features, specs, supported formats & devices
  3. Changelog
  4. Credits

All use of Deejaysystem (the Software) is subjected to the terms of the License Agreement that it is provided in the "License Agreement.rtf" file. The Software can only be used or evaluated under the terms of the License Agreement. By using the software you specify that you have read and understood the License Agreement and that you agree to use or evaluate the Software according to its terms and conditions.

THE SOFTWARE IS OFFERED "AS IS", WITHOUT ANY TYPE OF IMPLICIT OR EXPLICIT GUARANTEE ABOUT IS OPERATION. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. We don't take the responsibility for any type of damage that the use of the program causes, including -but not limited to- failure of equipment, data damaged, corrupt mp3s, synchronization failure or unexpected hangs during live performances even those which result in discjockey hangings or in any other type of physical or emotional aggression toward the user (although we agree to receive their insults if that makes them feel better).

Online documentation:

-> Basic functions (Quick Start)

-> Keyboard and control devices guide

-> Troubleshoot

-> Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


2. New in this version

Deejaysystem Video VJ2 3.5.0
March 19th, 2013

Upgrading to 3.5 from a previous version:

Program's data files are now stored in the system's local data folder. When upgrading to the new version, the database (search results) will be empty. Song data can be restored in two ways:

  • Re-scan your music folders (Settings > Database > Add folder). Specific per-song settings (such as CUE points) are lost.
  • Locate your previous database file (songinfo.sdb, use Windows Search) and add it to the current database (Settings > Database > Import other database file). All per-song settings are preserved.

New in this version:

  • Windows 7 / 8 compatibility
  • Bugfix: some videos are shown in green and negative
  • Bugfix: crash when some rare videos report length 0
  • Bugfix: wrong lenght display in some mp3 files
  • Bugfix: mp4-video files are loaded as audio files
  • Native support for Karaoke files MP3+G, WMA+G, BIN, ZIP. No third-party codecs required.
  • New MIDI controllers supported: Denon MC-2000, Hercules MP3 e2, Pioneer CDJ-400, Reloop Digital Jockey IE2, M-Audio X-Session Pro
  • BASS library and plugins updated to their latest versions
  • Song information is now read from the file TAGS: Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Year, Comment
  • Many new audio formats are now natively supported (see specifications)
  • New display button "I" for showing detailed information on the loaded file
  • New search filter options by file type (audio-video-karaoke)
  • New option for hidding or dimming the background picture when a video is being played (Video Out > BACKGR)
  • New option for showing song captions as Title - Artist (Settings > Display)
  • Program data is now stored at the system's local data folder (All Users)
  • Improved realiability when scanning file information (Add to list / Add to database)
  • Improved video loading times and video playback reliability
  • Many fixes and improvements (see detailed changelog below)


2. Features, specs, supported formats & devices

Deejaysystem Video VJ2 is a multi-screen player for movies, music videoclips, karaoke and audio files. It's able to play two videos in DJ style and perform live audio and video mixing.

It best fits into pubs, clubs, discos, or any other public place with TV screens.

  • Ease of use. Simple and intuitive design.
  • Dual audio/video/karaoke playback in two independent decks.
  • Audio/video mixing (crossfader) with 6 different video mixing effects.
  • Dual video output system. The mixed output is projected full-screen to output devices (TV, projector, etc.) while maintaining preview interface on your PC monitor.
  • Support for up to 2 live cameras (USB, 1394...) simultaneously with the dual video playback.
  • Support for up to 2 internet streams (mms://) simultaneously with the dual video playback.
  • Customizable background and logo (overlay).
  • Text ticker features: scrolling tape, static text.
  • Multiple screens are supported, with no limit.
  • Ability for choosing the screen for full-screen video output.
  • Ability for opening multiple Deejaysystem VJ2 instances and work together, either sharing screens or using different screens for full-screen video output. Each instance can manage two audio/video files and two live cameras.
  • Can be used with an external video mixer.
  • You can lively record the mixed output onto DVD, VCR or HD recorder by using the secondary video output of your PC.
  • Aspect-ratio applied on video playback according to screen's dimensions.
  • Dual audio outputs for using an external audio mixer.
  • Built-in emulated audio mixer with full PFL capabilities.
  • Precise playback control: play, pause, position, speed (pitch), pitch bend.
  • Precise video positioning frame-by-frame, forward and backward.
  • Controlable with keyboard, joystick, and any generic MIDI-compatible controller.
  • Fully customizable control mappings.
  • Playlist editor with auto-mix and auto-fade capability, seamlessly mixing audio, video and karaoke files.
  • Song database with search function.
  • Up to 10 CUE points per track.
  • Compatible with any third-party music organizer software (iTunes, MP3 Collector...).
  • DRM-Enabled for Windows Media files*.
Automatic playback features (AutoPlay)
  • Automatic mix with smart song selection that avoids repeating tracks (shuffle mode)
  • Mix Now! function for mixing current track with next one at any time.
  • Fully customizable auto mix volumes (fade-in, fade-out).
  • Set can be adjusted and changed on-the-fly, i.e. answering to people's requests.
  • Automatic resolution of any unexpected situation like read errors or corrupt files ("show must go on" policy)
Supported formats & devices
  • Audio: MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, OGA, WMA, WMA-DRM*, WAV, AIFF, audio CD (CDA), M4A (iTunes), M4B, MP4, AAC, Opus, FLAC, FLA, AC3, ALAC (Apple Lossless), APE, MAC, MPC, MP+, MPP, WavPack WV, TTA, OFR, OFS, MOD (XM, S3M, UMX...), SPX, ADX, AIX, ...
  • Video: MPEG, MPEG-2, MP4, M4V (iTunes), DAT, TS, AVI, DivX, XVid, DVDs (unencrypted VOB files), WMV/ASF, WMV-DRM*, DVR-MS, VCD, Quicktime, FLV (YouTube), 3GP, Real Media RM, Matroska MKV MKA, ...
  • Karaoke: MP3+G, WMA+G, BIN, ZIP.
  • Internet: Windows Media streaming (mms://).
  • Output video devices: secondary DVI/VGA output, HDMI, composite video, S-Video.
  • Input video devices: Firewire/1394, USB webcam, TV/Video capture devices.
  • Control devices: Denon MC-2000, Pioneer CDJ-400, Reloop Digital Jockey IE2, M-Audio X-Session Pro, Denon DN-HC4500, Numark Omni Control, Behringer BCD2000 / BCD3000, Hercules DJ Console RMX / DJ Control Steel / DJ Console Mk2 / DJ Control MP3 / DJ Control MP3e2, Vestax VCI-100, KontrolDJ KDJ500, Visiosonic DAC-3... More devices

    Any MIDI-compatible control device is supported. More information

    More audio formats can be supported with BASS add-ons.

    Any other video format is supported (a matching codec must be present). We recommend the K-Lite Codec Pack Deejaysystem Edition to ensure full video performance and compatibility.

* DRM support available for customers under request only. Not available on trial/demo versions.

3. Changelog

+ new feature
* fix, change

3.5.0 FINAL / 2013.03.19

* Fixed bug that shows some videos in green and negative.
* Fixed bug that reported wrong lenght in some mp3.
* Fixed crash bug when some videos reported length 0.
* Fixed error "file not found" on some paths in Windows 7 / 8
* Fixed the ESC key not detected when configuring controls in Windows 7 / 8
* Fixed potential crash bug that could crash a deck when playing video under heavy CPU usage.
* Fixed bug that opens mp4-video files as audio files.
* BASS library and plugins upgraded to their latest versions.
+ Support for reading the song's file tags from MP3, ID3v1, ID3v2.2/3/4, OGG/FLAC coments, WMA, APE tags, MP4, MOD titles.
+ Built-in support for Karaoke files: MP3+G, WMA+G y BIN. No need for external codecs.
+ Support for controllers Denon MC-2000, Hercules MP3 e2, Pioneer CDJ-400, Reloop Digital Jockey IE2, M-Audio X-Session Pro.
+ New button "I" at the display for showing detailed info on the loaded file.
+ Option that hides or dims the background picture when a video file is being played.
+ Option for showing the captions of the songs as Title - Artist.
+ File Plugins\vid_codecs.txt that allows to ban problematic codecs.
+ Search filter options by file type (audio - video - karaoke)
* MIDI controller files updated.
* Language files updated.
* Improved reliability when gathering information from files (add to list / add to database).
* Program data is now stored at the system's local data folder (All Users).
* Mk2 only shows audio files in the search results.
* Fixed specific situations when reaching the end of file that result in "read error".
* Innecessary error dialogs for uninitialized video system are no longer shown.
+ Command-line option for specifying the program's data folder.
* Improved control devices management.
* Detailed LOG now doesn't show many non-important information.
* Fixed rounding problems in sliders at the video options dialog (backgr, logo, etc)
* Updated the supported file extension list for background / logo files.
+ Support for MIDI SysEx messages (System Exclusive) from MidiDevices.dll
* Fixed bug that ignores analog MIDI inputs when they are located at zero position on startup.

3.5.0 Beta 4 / 2010.05.24

* Audio is now internally remixed at 192 Khz / 24 bits. Playback will be done at that format is possible, otherwise will be downmixed into a format supported by the device.
* The option Settings > Advanced > Buffer Compatibility mode now sets the old audio settings (44100 / 16) and also configures bigger buffers for stability.
+ M4V files (from iTunes) are now added to the supported file extensions.
* The codecs Microsoft DTV-DVD are now banned in Deejaysystem. This fixes problems with H.264 files not loading or playing badly (M4V, MOV, MP4...).
* Bugfix: drag&drop files from SEARCH window could crash the program (noticeable in Windows 7).
* Bugfix: the option "Allow duplicated files" was not loaded properly when the Playlist component was using the default configuration (columns, hints...).

3.5.0 Beta 3 / 2010.01.08

+ New controller supported: Vestax VCI-100 (Beta)
+ Support for repeated files at the playlist. Can be enabled or disabled at Settings > Playlist.
+ If no repeated files are allowed, adding repeated files to the playlist will highlight the existing ones in their current positions.
+ Adding files to the playlist or database shows each file name, so it could be easy to see if someone causes problems.
* Highly improved startup and close times.
* New files added to the list are sorted by filename in each folder (does not apply to saved playlists).
* Bugfix: setting the option "mark files as played" to 0 causes all files in the playlist to be marked as played.
* Bugfix: drag/drop folders into the playlist crashes the program.
* Bugfix: loading new mappings from MidiDefaults.xml caused conflicts with existing mappings.
* Bugfix: enabling/disabling MIDI devices at Settings > Control could cause the program to crash.
* Bugfix: when using more than one instance and the Hercules DJ Control MP3, all instances tryed to control the controller's lights.
* Bugfix: the Master Pan control doesn't properly receive the commands from the external controllers.
* Modifyed the behavior of the SectionNext and SectionPrev commands (Controls > Edit > Window). Default mappings adjusted accordingly at MidiDefaults.xml
+ New commands Video Out A/B Set (Controls > Edit > Video) for controlling the video out in a "punch in-out" style.
+ (experimental) New command line option "/enablerecorder", enables a simple line-in-to-mp3 recorder on each deck. Configuration available at Settings > Grabación (spanish only for now).

3.5.0 Beta 2 / 2009.12.01

+ Fixed security problem that could invalidate a valid activation key.

3.5.0 BETA / 2009.11.20

+ Utilities for managing the database (Settings > Database).
+ BASS libraries upgraded to their latest versions (2.4.4).
* Improved support for those BASS plugins that depend on other modules.
+ Added BASS pluggins by default: AC3, ALAC (Apple Lossless), APE, Musepack MPC, OptimFROG OFR, FLAC, WavPack.
* Bugfix: lookups when opening CD tracks in a computer with multiple CD / DVD drives.
* Bugfix: problems loading mp3 on some machines (deck locked, no concurrent load...)
+ Support for audio tracks with more than two audio channels.
* Bugfix: if the playlist includes tracks with errors, Autoplay mode gets lost in a loop trying to reopen them again and again after having played all other tracks.
* Bugfix: the initial message on the decks was not shown correctly with the built-in language.
* The control setup dialog can now be resized and maximized.
+ Drag and drop from the SEARCH window .
* Improved detection of the window off the desktop, even for command line options.
+ Mix PFL function (Monitor Mix), mappable to any control (Settings > Control > Edit > Mixer > Monitor Mix).
* Bugfix: file filter in Open dialogs did not allow all extensions and descriptions for the supported formats.
* Improved performance when adding folders and subfolders to the playlist (optimized detection of the supported file extensions).
* Bugfix: slight loss of range (less than 1%) in analog controls. In some cases they even produced output values over 100%.
* Improved detection of the active window (focus).

* Bugfix: detection of conflicting controls when loading or setting the control maps.

* Fixed text positioning in the Preview screen with very hard aspect-ratios.
* Changing the aspect ratio now readjust background and logo immediately.
* Ability to render full-screen on secondary monitor on those graphic devices that maintain the secondary screen locked, but it consumes more CPU on this case (uses an entire core in multi-core CPUs).
* Fixed enumerator of video capture devices. Now it's compatible with ANY device that supports DirectShow.
* Improved startup time.
* Changes in the BACKGR object (image, camera, internet) are now noticed immediately, without having to close the dialog.

+ Generic MIDI device support. Templates and maps are loaded from XML files.
* New keyboard settings for controlling the playlist. See changes at the documentation.
+ Hercules DJ Console Mk2: Support for the PFL channel selector switch (Deck A / Deck B / Mix / Split).
+ BCD2000: Phones Split / Master Out now controls Monitor Mix.
* DAC2, DAC3, Hercules DJ Mk2/MP3: New maps for controlling the playlist and loading songs.
* New MIDI devices supported out of the box: Denon DN-HC4500, Numark Omni Control, Behringer BCD3000, Hercules DJ Console Remix, Hercules DJ Control Steel, KontrolDJ KDJ500.

+ Highlights and displays the song that is loaded (Autoplay / Mix Now! / Next - previous track).
+ Mappable control functions: move cursor, open on deck, open with automatic selection, multiple selection, move, cut, paste.
+ Icons by track type (audio / video / karaoke).
+ Graphic background.
* Improved appearance of the cursor and the selection.
+ Drag songs show clearly the insertion point.
+ Special colors: track currently open (green), track already played (grayed).
+ In AutoPlay mode loading songs make them visible in the playlist.
* Fixed irregularities in the right margin of the text.
* Fixed visual artifacts when changing between Playlist and Video Out.

3.3.0 / 2008.10.03

* BUGFIX: At last, the rare video lag problem that happened in some systems has been completely erradicated. God, this one has been really hard to find!
* Video playback is now fully compatible with Vista's Aero theme.
* Display memory requirements have been drastically reduced. Video playback now requiress less than 64Mb of display memory. Now it's possible to open multiple VJ2 instances and have them playing full-quality video without worrying about display memory, as now main memory (RAM) is used.
* Improved overall video playback performance.

3.2.0 FINAL / 2008.06.26

* Optimized application's startup. Now it doesn't block other instances or applications.
* Bugfix: Random Access Violation errors when reading XML files (Beta versions only).
* Bugfix: The "Invert Axis" option doesn't have effect on jog-wheel controls.
* The Vista's Aero theme is now disabled while the program is running.

3.2.0 Beta 4 / 2008.02.05

* Fixed performance fault that prevented HD videos to be played smoothly.
* Fixed the live input support. Cameras are now opened and played properly.
+ New option at Settings > Video: Use compatible video surfaces (slower). May fix playback problems in certain display drivers.

3.2.0 Beta 3 / 2008.01.22

+ Exclusive VLOCK™ Timming Technology: Timming is now dinamically locked to the display device's video refresh signal (VSYNC).
+ F11 key now displays on-screen video info (FPS, frame timming, refresh rate, VLOCK state).
* Ultra-smooth text ticker and layer movement effects, now locked to screen's refresh via VLOCKô.
* Improved video decoding performance on multiple core CPUs.
* Bugfix: Fixed aspect-ratio correction in background, logo and graphic layers.
+ Video rendering now uses triple-buffering for improving performance.

3.2.0 Beta 2 / 2007.12.18

* FIXED graphic problems in Windows Vista with nVidia graphic cards. Should also fix minor problems in other chipsets.
* Improved loading times.

3.2.0 Beta 1 / 2007.10.20

+ NEW VIDEO PLAYBACK ENGINE. Core components re-designed and re-implemented.
+ Supports HD 1080 (and higher) videos and live internet streams.
* Progress bar now shows the detailed loading progress when loading videos.
* Improved support for video "device lost" situations (i.e. change user, Windows-L). Audio is not affected while recovering the video device.
* Supported the rare cases in which videos change resolution during playback.
* Bugfix: Videos with more than two audio channels don't load nor play properly.
* Bugfix: Program closing unexpectedly due to a bad component in the "Karaoke for DirectX" codec.
* Bugfix: The "smooth image" filter doesn't work with some video drivers.
* Bugfix: A flaw in the inter-process coordination could cause corruption at the database file.
* Bugfix: The option "Limit mouse to desktop" wasn't properly stored in the registry.

3.1.1 / 2007.05.18

+ Supported the DRM-MS videos recorded in Windows Media Center
* Bugfix: retrieving info from a video file could cause Access Violation error.
* Bugfix: las cámaras no se inicializan correctamente
+ Automatic recovery of live cameras disconnected, then re-connected in the same port.
+ DRM-enabled Windows Media videos now supported.
* Bugfix: full-screen mode randomly disabled in single-screen mode.
* Bugfix: audio plugins won't properly load under certain circumnstances.
+ LOG file size is now limited to 500 Kb. File format is now TXT.
+ New internal function "Talk-over" with the Backspace key. Hit for enabling / disabled a 50% reduction in the output volume.

3.1.0 FINAL / 2007.04.10

* Bugfix: Videos without audio don't report end of file properly. They stop at the end when used as background / logo.
* Bugfix: Karaoke files don't load. Fixed for work with the codec Karaoke for DirectX 3.0 beta 3 (latest version)
* Bugfix: READ ERROR when reaching the end of some audio files after seeking. Caused by new BASS version behavior.
+ Ticker: Text color can now be changed. Additional options (underline, ...) are shown but they have no effect (not Direct3D-compatible)
* Background and Logo now remember the latest open folder for choosing file.
+ Display now shows messages when using the CUE-Points feature (1..0 keys for recall, CTRL+1..0 for store).
+ Support for the controller Visiosonic DAC-3.
+ Default contros for fine-adjusting the pitch with the Jog-Wheel where available.

3.1.0 Beta 3 / 2007.03.10

* Bugfix: abnormally high CPU usage that could make the program become slow and unstable.
* Bugfix: Default live input device didn't open properly.
* Bugfix: NULL device name for live input caused access violation.
* Improved format compatibility when loading video files.
+ Text ticker feature (VIDEO OUT > TICKER).
+ VIDEO OUT section reworked: lower buttons now show video functions: FULL-SCREEN, TICKER, BACKGROUND, and LOGO. Background / logo options removed from general Settings dialog.
+ Multi-instance support. Many VJ2 mixers can be opened and operated simultaneously. The Full-screen button (or dbl-click the master video preview) shows that instance's video output in the secondary screen. (NOTE: This feature will be available in the licensed version)
+ Partial DVR-MS format support (video only, no audio).
* BETA versions with extended time period now show remaining time in days.
* Only one BETA / TRIAL instance allowed at the same time.
+ New language available: Turkish, by O. Özkan.

3.1.0 Beta 2 / 2007.01.30

+ Live video input support for background and/or logo.
+ Video clips supported as background and/or logo.
+ New file extensions recognized: .asx, .wmx, .wvx, .rmvb, .m2v
* Improved LOG output for problem diagnostics.
* Fixed alpha mix with two videos (background was revealed).
+ New command line option for debugging and support only: /coinitializemulti, /allowallcodecs

3.1.0 Beta / 2006.11.30

+ Full Aspect-Ratio managements. Detects and uses the movie's aspect ratio. Options for configuring the adjust method and the Master screen size.
+ Double-click at Master Preview shows full screen when no secondary screen is available. Also with Alt-Enter.
* Hardware Acceleration is now a command-line option: /hardwarevideo
* bugfix: Windows-L (user change) locks-up video playback.
* bugfix: Sometimes after drag&drop a file then the program no longer accepts dropped files.
+ Option: Limit mouse movement to primary screen only.
+ Command-line option for selecting the full-screen video output: /mastervideodevice n

+ Now detects and ignores incompatible codecs (Nero, Cyberlink...).
* Reduced the video buffer for allowing quicker positioning and better memory usage.
* Video playback is now more reliable. Fixed problems when using ffdshow to decode some videos.
+ New file extensions recognized: .flv, .divx, .hdmov, .3gp, .mkv, .mka
* Improved device recovery procedure on switching user.

+ Support for generic BASS format plugins. The DLLs must be placed at the Plugins folder.
+ Support for the hardware controller Behringer BCD-2000. Thanks to Dj Spyn and Onari for they valuable help making this possible..
+ Native support for MOD-type formats (MO3 / IT / XM / S3M / MTM / MOD / UMX)
+ Native support for AIFF files
* Improved CD Audio support: drive / track now shown at the display.
* bugfix: Now the playlist accepts CD Audio tracks even when that CD is being played.
+ Support for BPM-Studio playlist files (*.GRP, *.LST)
* Fixed BPM detection. Now BPMs are properly extracted and stored in the database.
* Fixed potential problem when transfering file names via Windows messages.
* Joystick is now disabled by default (avoids that user's game devices accidentally interfere during playback)
+ Support for WMA-DRM audio files.
+ The PLAYLIST button now accepts dropped files.
* bugfix: Keyboard stops responding after hittint CTRL-ALT_SUPR or Windows-L for showing the login window.
+ New buttons "View log file" and "Restar log file".
* Improved the random playback system (Shuffle). Fixed the situations where the random secuence could repeat.

3.0.0 FINAL / 2006.05.27

* bugfix: Moving the mouse over the secondary screen either slows down or crashes the program.
* bugfix: Drag & drop files from external programs could crash the program.
* bugfix: A flaw in BASS_FX.DLL could crash the program randomly when the BPM counter is enabled.
* Now the search dialog takes in cosideration the setting "Options > Secure song changes".
+ Default keyboard assignments for video functions: full-screen toggle, video-out and effect selector (see documentation).

3.0.0 Beta 4 / 2006.04.06

+ Video mix effects are back.
+ Playlist buttons (Add, Remove, Save, etc.) re-arranged at the bottom of the playlist control.
+ New module: AutoMix, with mix graph and real-time progress indicator.
+ New function: Mix Now! Automatically mixes current track with next one at any time. No need for waiting until end of track. Works under any circumstance, regardless AutoPlay mode or currently loaded tracks. It loads new tracks from the playlist when neccesary.
* Improved automatic video mixing.
* Crossfader only affects video when using an external audio mixer (independent Deck A and Deck B audio outputs).
* Playlist now accepts DVD (.vob) and VideoCD (.dat) tracks.
+ Files can now be dropped onto the video preview windows.
+ New video options at Settings... > Video.
* Improved the multi-language system to allow language files to properly work on both Mk and VJ players.
+ Support for the hardware controller Numark DMC-1.

3.0.0 Beta 3 / 2005.12.20

+ Support for hardware controllers Hercules DJ Console Mk2 and Hercules DJ Control MP3.
* Audio - video synchronization is now much more accurate. Fixed synchronization problems.
* Fixed "READ ERROR" problem when reaching the end of some videos.
* Internal fixes & improvements in the video playback engine.

3.0.0 Beta 2 / 2005.12.12

* BASS library and add-ons upgraded to version 2.2.
* Bugfix & improvements at the video playback engine.

3.0.0 Beta / 2005.11.25

+ Added all functions from the audio-only version, including playlist editor, automatic playback, database, advanced setup...

2.5.0 Beta / 2005.11.14

* New video playback engine. Improves performance and compatibility
+ Support for Windows Media Videos (WMV/ASF)
+ New option for enabling hardware acceleration
+ New option for enabling and disabling the DAC-2 emulator
+ Optional automatic detection and activation of the secondary screen (the application asks on startup)
* Fixed working problems wiht the DAC-2 controller in some systems
* Fixed focus detection and keyboard activation problems
+ Now a "Not enough memory" message is shown is there's too few video memory available for loading a clip.
* Fixed: when opening the software the first time the "open file" dialog tryes to open the H: drive.

2.1.1 / 2005.09.19

* Fixed problem with D3DX9SAB.DLL. File is included again.

2.1.0 / 2005.09.18

+ Support for the hardware controllers Visiosonic DAC-2 and Hercules DJ Console.
+ Support for WMA audio files.
+ New option for disabling master preview and keeping both Deck's previews only (as version 1).
+ The screen saver keeps inactive while the application is running.
* Files can now be dragged and dropped from external applications.
* Fixed: the open file dialog doesn't refresh the file list when changing the file type mask.
* Improved support for "Strong" antialias filter.
* Improved compatibility with Quicktime MOV files.
* Removed dependency of the file D3DX9SAB.DLL. Iit's no longer included in the setup package.
* Many minor fixes and improvements.

2.0.2 / 2005.07.01

* Fixed "Debugger detected" error when loading some video formats.
* Fixed "Access Violation" error under some specific conditions (i.e. switching user in Windows XP).
* Improved compatibility with video codecs. CPU usage optimized on video playback.
+ The volume of each deck is now shown when moving the mouse over the volume controls.
+ Setup wizard: now creates a shortcut to the Readme file at the program group.

2.0.1 / 2005.06.08

* Fixed: video is played at wrong rate when audio format is not 16 bits stereo.
* The uninstall wizard now properly deletes the LOG file and the program folder.
* Restored support for CD audio files (CDA).

2.0.0 (final) / 2005.06.06

+ ALT-RETURN toggles full-screen mode when no secondary screen is available.
+ F1 now opens the readme file.
* The video playback engine has been highly optimized to provide a much more stable playback while taking less CPU.
* Improved alpha blending on FADE mixing effect. In previous versions fade mix was too "dark".
* Opening a video clip is now faster and takes less CPU.
* Fixed: opening a new video makes current video playback to "skip".
* Fixed: occasional "access violation" error when closing the player while in video playback.

2.0.0 Beta 3 / 2005.05.27

* Fixed serious bug when opening videos by dragging them from Windows Explorer to the application. The bug leads to multiple failures and program crash.
* The message "READ ERROR - Check disk/drive" when playing videos now should appear only when a real problem is encountered.
* Fixed minor problems related with license and expiration.

2.0.0 Beta 2 / 2005.05.24

+ New audio options. Now it's possible mixing with PFL even using only one soundcard. Left-Right channels of each soundcard can be selected independently.
+ Changes to the audio setup now take effect inmediately even on video playback.
+ "Apply" button at the setup dialog.
+ Full-screen output keeps visible when minimizing the console.
+ Videos are now opened using a separated thread, so the opening process doesn't affect current playback.
+ Crossfader doesn't affect audio output when the "Player A - Player B" audio mode is selected.
* Multiple optimizations in the audio playback core for improved performance on both audio and video playback.
* Several improvements in the video playback engine for better performance.
* Fixed small video artifacts when opening and closing videos.
* Fixed visual artifacts on scroll mixer effects.
* Fixed "wrap-around" look when aplying anti-alias to video.
* Player B now responds to crossfader properly.
* Fixed strange behavior of the volume display.
* Audio - video sinchronization is now more accurate.
* Fixed the "infinite error dialogs" problem when running the application with an incompatible display adapter.

2.0.0 Beta 1 / 2005.05.11 (private build)

+ Completely new video playback engine.
+ Smooth pitch changes on video playback.
+ Pitch bend now active on video playback, allowing live full quality DJ mixes with video clips.
+ All audio features now work on video playback: amplification, vu-meters, auto-gain (coming soon: BPM counter, Master Tempo)
+ Audio can now be listened simultaneously on Master and PFL outputs.
+ Video preview is always visible for videos, regardless they're on the master or not.
+ Master preview is always present. Allows the DJ to view the master output even if he can't watch at the master screen.
+ New video mix effect: ALPHA FADE.

1.0.1 / 2005.04.29

* Fixed "Load Error" problem when loading CDA audio tracks.
* Added more filetypes to the Open dialog (including VOB)

1.0.0 / 2005.04.01

* Now using BASS.DLL (licensed) for audio decoding
+ Added support for OGG/Vorbis audio files
+ Keys defined for mixer controls
* Minor fixes & improvements

0.5.0 Release Candidate 1 / 2005.02.01

+ Licensing scheme
+ Keyboard and joystick control support
* Fixed: pitch value is not applied after opening a file until the pitch slider is moved
* Fixed video glitching problems with some dual VGA + S-Video output display adapters.
* Improved video performance in most scenarios.
+ New command line option: /nowindowcontrols - Hides the minimize and close buttons. Application can be closed or minimized anyway using the taskbar button's menu. ALT-F4 or closing Windows also closes the application.

0.3.4 to 0.4.0: private builds

0.3.3 beta / 2004.11.05

+ Video master/monitor simulation mode when no secondary monitor is available.
+ Player A and player B can use an independent soundcard each one - allows using an external audio mixer for playback.
+ Option for making crossfader affect video mix only (audio is not changed changed).
* Fixed application lookup problem when pitch is changed in some video formats.
* Mixer's controls behavior improved on video playback.

0.3.2 beta / 2004.08.21

* Fixed "Bad channel config" error
+ Support for CDDA audio tracks (CDA files)
+ Open File dialog now remembers the last used path between sessions

0.3.1 beta / 2004.07.19

* Fixed audio coordination between master and monitor volumes.
* Audio behavior reviewed. Now audio and video preview buttons ("Video output" and "monitor" buttons) work separately.
+ New configuration option for linking "monitor" buttons to "video output" buttons.

0.3 beta / 2004.07.16

* Application window can only be moved by dragging the title bars or the mixer's title.
+ Added command line support for placing and locking the application window.

/x value: Sets initial X position
/y value: Sets initial Y position
/nomove: Prevents the application window for being moved from its initial position


4. Credits

Created and developed by Angel García "Edy" with the valuable help of these contributors:

  • Sergio Rodríguez García "GUSi" (video playback)
  • Carlos Cabo González (original logo and artwork)
  • Javier Capa Bazán (program's icons)
  • Pedro Fernández Ureña (coding support at early versions)
  • Greg Ellis (DAC-2 support)
  • Many loyal customers and supporters. Thank you very much!!


Arjani, Mario Georgiev and Pat Bush, Guillem Fernández, Dj Snow, Tomislav Capan, Dave Allen, Jürgen Athen, Dj Maze, Mark Chong, Dj Ander, Gael Monier, Eua, joe2night, Stefano Trillini, Roberto Cameran, PrAnza, WhACKO, JEzu RJ, Anis Jendoubi, Edvaldo Biancarelli, Nuno Mendonça, Ernesto de la Rosa, Dj Dare, Dj Flashbang, Javier Castro, Osman Özkan.


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