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Deejaysystem™ is a series of digital audio and video mixer software applications designed to cover the needs of professional discjockeys/videojockeys during live or automated mixing sessions.

Deejaysystem™ players are a plain, precise and reliable emulation of real DJ-CD/DVD players, but also including mixing capabilities and many handy features.

DJ-style Audio & Video Mixer
Latest version: 3.5.0 >>

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<< DJ-style Audio Mixer
Latest version: 1.9.1

Featured testimonials

  • Your software out performs any other system on the market. I'm always looking for the best video drivers and system on the market... I always come back to DJ System! Simply the best for mobile VJs!
    (Gilbert Baez from Supermix Media LLC, Fayetteville NC)
  • Id like to say a big thank you for your deejaysystem software as it was the only dj system i found that did the job.Its an easy and reliable system for any dj across the world.Took me about 1 seconds to get the hang of it.Its really that simple.I have been using it for over a year now and i havnt had one problem with it.Fantastic!!
    (DJ Tallon, Dublin, Ireland)
  • Your Product is the most stable video software on the market.. I am a DJ/VJ at Scores Nightclub & Caberet Las Vegas....USA...We Run 100 % video. Systems like virtual dj have crashed & locked up on some of our jocks mid show..Whereas Deejaysystem never has never let me down at any time.. It would be cool if you could add some on the fly efx to manipulate the videos..... THNX...for a great product...
    (DJ Gregory Nickels, Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • I'd like to commend you for the wonderful service that you provided, and your dedication to make it work.  Many software providers wouldn't provide such wonderful service for a single club having problems. [...] You were kind enough to take your personal time to help me work out what the problem was, and I applaud you for this. Your DJ software will forever be a staple at all the clubs that I own/manage/DJ at.
    (Dusty Belew, TN)

Why choose Deejaysystem instead of another player?
In our customers' words (collected after purchasing the product)

  • I need a simple reliable good quality player for my DJ activity's. I work with the denon MKII with CD's and I want to switch over to PC. I tested a lot of software's, but this is the best.
    (Ludwig Simoen, Belgium)
  • Because it is simple and still keeps the dj in control not the software in control of the dj
    (Electric Lifeform, UK)
  • Most reliable system out there (DJ Party Pros, USA)
  • because it is the only program that has neverfailed my friend, ever.
    (Nicole Stranz, CA -USA)
  • Most intuitive to use player I could find; contained the feature set I needed.
    (Christopher Matheny, Ohio, USA)
  • Does just about everything I need for karaoke and video/audio playback
    (Paul Schamp, UK)
  • Simple easy to use look good and no uneccesary gadget (Yvan Benard, Canada)
  • Simplicity with many useful features - stability of software (Bryan Kinser, USA)
  • Ease of use, price, simple functionality (High Spirit Communications, USA)
  • It's simply much better - and the programmer is a nice guy ;-) (Monika Nyssen, Germany)
  • DJS has once again, proven to be the BEST "REAL DJ" software in the world!
    (Shawn Startup, TN -USA)
  • Features AND what appears to be excellent customer support (JC Associates, USA)
  • Your software package is without a shadow of a doubt the most user friendly, perfectly designed, bang on the mark VJ'ing tool out there! (Nigel Vernon-Dier, USA)